Republicans hoping Trump can gain with new email disclosure

Republicans hoping Trump can gain with new email disclosure

But he has a remarkably receptive audience. The latest poll from Texas shows Clinton trailing just four percentage points behind Trump – within the margin of error.Advertisement

That means that potentially millions of Americans will turn out to vote on November 8, despite apparently believing their votes may not count at all.
She added: “There has been no incident in over a century in which people were able to impact an election by mobilizing fraudsters to impersonate dead people at the polls”.
Who are famous people voting for in the USA election?
The media bias about which Republicans have long complained has become undeniable reality in the 2016 campaign.
He says news coverage this election season is more about how journalists are trained. Where would you begin? “And maybe that turns into a few hundred or a few thousand precincts”.
Scott Farris wrote a book about US election runners-up and began with a chapter paying tribute to the concession speech – that moment of grace that greases the engine of self-government. Trying to twist the results in a bunch of different precincts run by different authorities would be monstrously hard.
All this folds neatly into another conspiracy theory – one that is popular, you guessed it, with the media.
Secretaries of state are charged with administering elections in each state.
According to Federal Bureau of Investigation records released Monday, State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy, a close aide to Clinton during her time as secretary of state, contacted an Federal Bureau of Investigation official seeking to change an email’s classification.
He pointed to more extreme language that, he said, is on “a different level of inflammatory rhetoric than “the election was rigged, ‘” including some Trump supporters” hints at possible violence or a “revolution” in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory.
“I would like to have Hillary tell me what happened”, she told CNN. Trump also assured his supporters that he would keep USA companies within the country and stressed the importance of creating jobs. It works very well. And Trump’s rantings will look increasingly marginal and buffoonish as we move past this ugly election and, hopefully, on to better times ahead.
The new questions highlight a dual reality of the presidential race: Even as Clinton has a growing advantage, she’s been unable to put the biggest controversy of her campaign behind her.
“Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity”, Ryan’s press secretary, AshLee Strong, said in an email. He’s also keeping things close with Clinton in Ohio, Nevada and North Carolina. “I really don’t think there’s any fraud going on”. “I mean, where are the street smarts of some of these politicians?”
For Clinton’s team, the desire is to not just beat Trump, but to trounce him. In one study, a Loyola Law School professor found 31 instances involving allegations of voter impersonation out of 1 billion votes cast in USA elections between 2000 and 2014.
“So many cities are corrupt”, Trump said in reference to voter fraud.
Our CBS poll shows 90% of voters have made up their minds, 9% might change their minds, and 1% don’t know who they will vote for. So-called “ballot stuffing” would be considered election fraud, rather than voter fraud, because it would be orchestrated by someone involved in administering the election or someone who has gained access to the election administration system. However, calling an election “rigged” implies a systematic, coordinated effort to cause one candidate to win. “You are more likely to be struck by lightning, more likely to see a UFO, than to be a victim of voter fraud”. There is no evidence that such widespread fraud exists.
5 (and 6 and 7 and 8.).

Of course, the youth vote is also driven by the personality of the candidates. “I promise you there is not a 67-county conspiracy to rig this election”, he said, pointing out that Republicans control numerous positions that oversee ballots and monitor results.

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