Arlene Foster’s DUP leadership could scupper powersharing talks, Sinn Fein warns

The Government claims it will allow Parliament the time to properly scrutinise the complex process of Brexit, but opposition parties say the Conservatives are anxious they will not get the support required to pass another Queen’s Speech once Brexit negotiations get tough.If the Brexit negotiations fail and the United Kingdom crashes out of the European Union with no deal, May will have made her worst blunder of all.”We made the case to her that we would oppose any deal that undermined the Good Friday Agreement”, he said.In an effort to strengthen her mandate in negotiating the exit process, Prime Minister Theresa May called early elections, only to result in the ruling Conservative Party losing its majority. He said that there needed to be a new urgency to re-establishing Stormont as the Brexit negotiation began.Arlene Foster’s leadership of the Democratic Unionists remains a stumbling block that could scupper crunch talks to end a powersharing stalemate in Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein has warned.She said: “We continue our discussions with the DUP”.Critics have questioned why May failed to meet victims and relatives on her first visit to the Grenfell Tower – in contrast to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader.The uncertainty surrounding the Prime Minister’s grip on power continued as Philip Hammond was set to deliver a keynote Mansion House address on the economy and Brexit on Tuesday.Amid reports that opposition parties will try to bring down Mrs May with a series of targeted amendments to the Queen’s Speech, the PM said she was still pushing for an alignment with the DUP.He stressed the objectives of ensuring that Brexit does not impact negatively on the Good Friday Agreement and the peace process there, and protecting North-South trade and economic activity and the Common Travel Area.”Continued refusal by the DUP and British government to accept these fundamental positions will create only one outcome: a future of permanent political instability”, he said.Ms May said she was steadfastly committed to the Good Friday Agreement and wanted to see a “close and special partnership” with the Republic of Ireland post-Brexit.UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s job will be under threat from MPs within her own party if she “waters down” Brexit.”These talks will be hard at points, but we shall be approaching them in a constructive and respectful way”.SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said two weeks is more than enough time to do a deal.Grainne Teggart, Campaign Manager for Amnesty International in Northern Ireland, said: “Today’s results confirm what we have long known: that an overwhelming majority favour reform of our inhumane abortion laws”.

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