Trump Communication Director Resigns

Trump Communication Director Resigns

At the same time, Trump is frustrated with what he views as his team’s inability to push back against the drumbeat of new revelations. The disclosures dogged the president during his first trip overseas since taking office and threaten to overwhelm and stall the agenda for his young administration.

The bad press has rapidly spread since the firing of FBI director James Comey, which in short order led to the appointment of a special counsel to spearhead the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and allegations of collusion with the Trump campaign.

A rally planned Thursday in Iowa was postponed due to “an unforeseen change” in Trump’s schedule.

“Whenever you see the words “sources say” in the fake news media, and they don’t mention names”, Trump wrote, “it is very possible that those sources don’t exist but are made up by fake writers”.

“With all due respect, I was asked to give an example and I did it”, Spicer shot back.

“It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media”, Trump said.

For Trump’s critics, that was evidence of unbridled hubris – a sign the president and his aides had no idea how hard it is to run the White House, America and the world.

It is claimed Mr Kushner discussed setting up a back channel with the Russian ambassador in December.

“Russia is going to be punished for what it did, in interfering in our elections”, he said.

“I would just say Mr. Kushner’s attorney has said Mr. Kushner volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings”. “In addition to that, and perhaps more importantly, he is a very good person”, the president told the New York Times.

The White House faces mounting questions about potential ties between Russian Federation and Trump’s presidential campaign, which are also the subject of criminal and congressional investigations.

The critical coverage reportedly fueled Trump’s frustrations with both Spicer and Dubke, as well as other members of his inner circle. Nonetheless, Lewandowski has the trust of the president – an advantage that many of Trump’s aides lack.

The disclosure of the back channel has put the White House on the defensive.

The FBI’s Russian Federation probe is being overseen by former bureau director Robert Mueller, who was appointed as a special counsel by Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein after Trump fired Comey.

Former members of America’s intelligence community are plumbing the depths of their reservoir of metaphors to express distress over that the president’s son-in-law tried setting up a secret communication channel with Russian Federation. According to CNN, Kushner was working with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in hopes of sharing military operations in Syria with the Russians.

Trump has called the Russian Federation inquiry a “witch hunt” and the talk of a collusion “a total hoax”, although he also has hedged his denials when it comes to those around him. The president’s son-in-law and future staffer reportedly suggested to Russia’s ambassador, shortly after the election, that they establish a secure channel to communicate off of USA radar.

“If you’re going to create a back channel that relies exclusively on the Russian communications and apparatus, that’s a really serious issue”, said Mark Lowenthal, a former assistant director at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Other major issues await Trump at home. Some reports suggest he has advocated against the USA withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, for example.

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