Tech CEOS visit White House to talk modernizing government

Silicon Vally billionaire Peter Thiel, a key supporter of the president’s campaign, was also present for the meeting, “Your administration is doing very well”, he said, thanking the president for the set of meetings at the White House.One source who works with tech companies on policy issues stressed there continues to be issues like modernizing government where tech and Trump can find common ground even as they disagree on others. Leaders at Apple and Google were among the American corporate executives who appealed to the president to stay in the pact.President Donald Trump will meet with the chief executives of technology companies including Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and Inc (AMZN.O) on Monday as the White House looks to the private sector for help in cutting government waste and improving services.Chris Liddell, a White House aide who directs the technology effort, said the executives would participate in a series of working groups, concluding with a session with Trump. Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to raise immigration, a person briefed on the matter said Sunday.President Donald Trump is holding a meeting with tech CEOs regarding the different challenges confronting the United States.”Government needs to catch up with the technology revolution”.Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, has been given an outsized role by the president, with his responsibilities reportedly including brokering peace in the Middle East, looking at efficiency in the federal government, reform the criminal justice system, tackling the opioid epidemic, and other tasks.The agenda will include working sessions on issues including cyber security, big data, fraud detection, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, according to a White House document outlining the program.Monday’s gathering was the most closely watched assemblage of tech luminaries since Trump met with industry chief executives at Trump Tower in NY in December. The White House also asked companies whether they would support more leaves of absence for engineers and other employees so they can join the government for temporary tours of duty there, much in the way Barack Obama brought in experts from Google to help fix “It’s working and it’s really exciting”.In recent days, however, White House officials have sought to downplay any tension between the Trump administration and the tech giants. Based on the internet’s reaction, it was the first time many people heard his voice – and they were more than happy to pile on the memes. Tesla CEO Elon Musk left two of Trump’s advisory councils earlier this month after the president announced that he would pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement.Facebook was the only one of the top five tech companies that didn’t attend. Some of the original members have left both committees.For most large tech companies, it’s hard if not impossible to sever ties with the White House completely.

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