St Paul’s responds to Labrie assault victim

St Paul’s responds to Labrie assault victim

Prout told Savannah Guthrie that she wanted to speak out about what had happened to her, and that she was launching a campaign called #IHaveTheRightTo, to empower other survivors of sexual assault to come forward.

When she appeared on the stand anonymously last summer, Prout described the email from Labrie asking her out on a date that she expected would go no further than a kiss.

“Although it was scary and although it was pretty hard, I wouldn’t be where I am today without having been able to speak up for myself during that time”, Prout told “Today“. “And I’m going to make sure that other people, other girls and other boys, know that they can own it too, and that they don’t have to be ashamed”. He was sentenced to a year in jail, but is free on bail during an appeal.

Prout said only her family’s support helped her survive her ordeal.

“The decision about whether to be public is an individual decision for every victim, and each victim knows what they need to best seek justice and heal”, she said. “And the fact that he was still able to pull the wool over a group of people’s eyes bothered me a lot and just disgusted me in some way”.

She tried to go back to school at St. Paul’s.

Her family filed a civil suit against the school for failing to keep its students safe ― not just from the culture of sexual coercion (Labrie admitted to deleting hundreds of Facebook messages bragging about the assault, having used “every trick in the book” to try to have sex with Prout) but from the supposed retaliation that Prout ended up facing as well.

When Owen Labrie, a graduating senior at New England’s prestigious St. Paul’s prep school, went on trial for rape past year, the case drew nationwide attention.

A teen who was raped during a game of sexual conquest at a prestigious New Hampshire prep school says she’s no longer ashamed or afraid and plans to be a voice for others. She hopes others will use the hashtag on Twitter to start a discussion about women’s rights.

“I hope he learns, I hope he gets help”, she said.

“If someone comes forward and says they were sexually assaulted, we should start by believing that they were sexually assaulted”, Schollett said.

“As was the case when the survivor was a student here and subsequently, the School admires her courage and condemns unkind behavior toward her”.

Instead, Labrie went to trial, charged with several counts including felony rape. “A question that I was asked on the stand was ‘Why were you so hazy during that period?’ I looked at the defense attorney in disbelief and said, ‘I was raped'”. Her dad and older sister are both alumni, and she wanted to carry on the family tradition.

“We categorically deny that there ever existed at the school a culture or tradition of sexual assault”, the school said in a statement on Tuesday. However, there’s no denying the survivor’s experience caused us to look anew at the culture and environment. I guess they were uncomfortable, ‘ he said.

“It was something that was necessary, ” she said in the interview. ‘And nobody was talking about the issue itself, they weren’t trying to prevent it from happening to anyone else’.

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