Seattle Police Kill Pregnant Woman Who Called 911 For Help

Family members said Lyles had experienced mental health problems in the a year ago and that she was several months pregnant, which BuzzFeed News couldn’t immediately confirm. Police say Charleena had a knife, prompting them to shoot her in front of her children.

The Seattle Police Department has placed the two officers, both white, on administrative leave while investigating the use of deadly force. People attend a memorial outside an apartment building of a woman, shown in the displayed photos, at Magnuson Park in Seattle on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

“She let them in, then she started talking all insane about how the officers weren’t gonna leave”, an officer said in the audio, discussing the previous visit.

The officers can be heard talking to Lyles about the burglary on the audio recording of the incident. They have been taken into protective custody.

The statement provided by the Seattle police department said both officers were “equipped with less lethal force options“, and that all its officers are trained in crisis intervention.

The Seattle Police Department has released an audio recording of an officer-involved shooting that left a pregnant mother dead Sunday morning.

Jamieson says detectives are investigating. Within 10 seconds, there are sounds of a possible scuffle or rapid movement, and the officers shout “Get back!”

Lyles’ family said she had been struggling with mental illness and was concerned that the police would take her children from her.

Lyles’ sister says she was pregnant and her family told The Seattle Times that she had mental health issues.

As people hit the streets in St. Anthony, Minnesota, to protest the acquittal of the police officer who killed Philando Castile, officers 1390 miles away took the life of yet another Black person.

The mother of four was identified as Charleena Lyles, 30, and was dealing with mental health issues, according to her family.

“Whistey couldn’t they have Tased her?”

Hello, good morning. You called today?” one of them asks.

The officers continued to talk to Lyles for a bit before the situation changes and an officer can be heard saying, “We need help“. She was arrested on June 5 on charges of harassment, obstruction of a public official and harassment of a law enforcement officer.

Lyles’ cousin, Wanda Cockerhern, said: “Each time she called [the police], it cost her something”.

Family members say that race played a factor in Lyles’ death.

Lyles’ Facebook was filled with pictures of her children and she had once been the subject of a feature detailing the successful transition from welfare to work.

Murray and police Chief Kathleen O’Toole said the shooting will be reviewed by the department’s Force Investigation Team and the Office of Professional Accountability. A federal court-appointed monitor recently said the SPD had been making significant improvements to its policing practices.

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