Recent Storms In California Will Help With State’s Drought

Recent Storms In California Will Help With State’s Drought

That marks a major improvement from a year ago, when only 3% of the state was drought-free, according to data from the US Drought Monitor.

Much of Southern California remains in a drought, however, though not at the worst level, know as “exceptional” drought.

Roughly 84 percent of the state was considered in a drought three months ago, with 16 percent labelled abnormally dry.

The office of Governor Jerry Brown, who proclaimed a drought-related state of emergency in 2014, also said it was too soon to call the drought over.

For example, the Heavenly Ski Area near Lake Tahoe picked up a whopping 12 feet of snow in the past week, the National Weather Service said. “We need to see how the year progresses”. The storm will advance toward Northern California before moving into Central California.

Citizens living in Northern California were urged to evacuate by the authorities due to the high possibility of the rivers flooding. But the heaviest of the back-to-back systems fueled by an “atmospheric river” weather phenomenon had passed after delivering the heaviest rain in a decade.

The past week’s storms were enough to double the snowpack in parts of the Sierras, runoff from which provides Californians with much of their year-round water supply.

Besides the onslaught of rain and snow, a small tornado occurred near Sacramento early Wednesday morning, thankfully resulting in no reported injuries. State reservoirs are now fuller than average for the first time in six years.

While the rain has inundated California’s lower areas, snow has been engulfing the more elevated regions.

That’s welcome news to Metropolitan Water District of Southern California officials. Dozens of threatened native species suffered as waterways shriveled.

“California’s rainy season goes through April, so we’re not out of the woods yet”, Fisher said.

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