New York City’s Iconic Carnegie Deli Closes at Midnight

New York’s most famous deli will close its doors on Saturday. Two men were eventually convicted of the murder of the 39-year-old starlet. She later discovered Sandy had also been slipping cash to the mistress and had set her up in a cheap apartment above the deli. “Although this has been an incredibly hard decision to officially close Carnegie Deli New York tonight at midnight, we thank you for your letters, notes, visits and sharing your stories”.

Marian Harper-Levine, owner of the restaurant frequented by celebrities, said in a statement it was hard to make the decision. There were rallies out front, and a former dishwasher in Carnegie’s kitchen turned uptown restaurateur cooked up a plan to buy the deli for $5 million. But Cristyne Nicholas, spokesperson for the Carnegie Deli, said the restaurant is not for sale. It opened in 1937. The restaurant also was forced to pay $2.6 million in backpay to employees in a labor dispute and was closed for almost a year after an investigation into a possible illegal gas hookup. It reopened last February with a ceremony involving Mayor Bill de Blasio. The website will keep selling cheesecake and smoked meats nationwide, for one, and the closure of the Seventh Avenue location doesn’t affect either of the licensed branches in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania. Since my father took over the Deli in 1976, this has been a second home to me and it has been a true privilege and an honor to serve you. His first job was washing dishes for $3 an hour at Carnegie Deli. But when the rent for that space spiked, Carnegie Deli contracted to just the 60 seats it now maintains.

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