How Trump Grades Himself Thus Far: A+, A, C+

The president said specifically that his White House could have done a better job communicating with the American people about his plan to deport criminal illegal immigrants.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, Trump was asked what grade he would give himself based on his Administration so far. “A lot those jobs I don’t want to appoint”. To illustrate, he brought up his immigration initiative to keep out undocumented immigrants with criminal records, noting the failure of his administration to effectively communicate the goal of the plan and acknowledging “maybe that’s my fault”, per Fox News.

“In terms of effort, which means something, but I give myself an A+, ok, effort“, Trump said.

Trump also continued railing against what he calls the “dishonest” media, said his protesters are angry that they “lost the election” and dismissed one of his most prominent critics, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, as “incompetent”.

“I will tell you, I’m so focused on what I’m doing right here I’m not even thinking of it”, said Trump, who has claimed his assets are now being run by his two sons. I’m just saying this: if we-and I think this is what’s going to happen, Brian-I think our country’s going to sail.

When asked why, Trump said he would give himself an A in terms of achievement.

Trump also says that some are looking to criticize him for eliminating those positions, but he adds, “That’s not a bad thing”. That’s a good thing.

But the highlight was arguably Earhardt challenging Trump’s capacity for self-critique with the following thinker: “What grade would you give yourself, from an A to an F?” “We’re running a very good, efficient government”.

Trump said he did meet most of Owens’ “great” family, and there is “nothing worse” than the loss.

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