Gold Star mom asks Obama: Why not say ‘Islamic Terrorism’?

Gold Star mom asks Obama: Why not say ‘Islamic Terrorism’?

President Barack Obama still won’t call radicals Islamists because he says he doesn’t want to “validate” their claims that they’re speaking for the Muslim religion. You have an individual here who has not broken any laws, who, because of the way we organize our ability to purchase firearms, can go into a store legally, buy a bunch of firearms, and if he goes into a club and decides he wants to shoot a lot of folks, he can do a lot of damage.

It didn’t just come out of nowhere, and not naming the problem isn’t making Muslims elsewhere any more interested in helping to solve it. Sisi seems to think that talking about it in clear terms helps, so why shouldn’t we do the same? “What can we do to take the burden off of these service members and also, at the same time, increase the number of citizens that serve our country?” he asked Obama.

He went on and compared this to using the term to if a Christian were a murderer but claiming their religion in their actions.

“I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack”, he said in a statement. “In some cases, it makes it harder for us to get their cooperation in fighting terrorism”, Obama said in response to a question.

He also called congress overriding his veto of the bill allowing 9/11 survivors and their families to sue the Saudi Arabian government a “political vote” weeks before the election, that could open up members of the military being sued by foreign governments.

Obama: No, I wasn’t. But.

If terrorists were ‘killing and blowing people up and said we’re on the vanguard of Christianity, well, I’m not, as a Christian, I’m not going to let them claim my religion and say you’re killing for Christ’.

“There is not a scenario in which, absent us deploying large numbers of troops, we can stop a civil war in which both sides are deeply dug in”, he said.

On Wednesday, Obama participated in a town hall held at Fort Lee, a military base in Virginia.

Obama responded: “So part of what was happening, and we’re beginning to fix it, but we’re not there yet, is, in taking appointments, we were using old systems where somebody would answer the phone, they’d write down, try to schedule it, then they’d hand it off to somebody who then would input it into some old, rickety computer …”

Laying out one of his core national security rationales, he said great nations get in trouble when they become over-extended. What we’ve seen are some very high profile attacks, mostly in the Middle East, also in our European theaters.

Mr. Obama said he believes “this is an issue that has been sort of manufactured”.

Tapper: Well, you just said.

Some critics, including Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, have argued that Obama’s insistence on not using the term to refer to terror attacks committed in the name of groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda shows that he isn’t well-equipped to fight terrorism.

“Sometimes out of these controversies, we start getting into a conversation and I want everybody to listen to each other”.

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