Germany: 4 police wounded in raid on anti-gov’t extremist

Germany: 4 police wounded in raid on anti-gov’t extremist

Four police officers have been injured, some seriously, after they were shot in a raid on a home in southern Germany.

Some of them have been seriously injured in the shooting by the 49-year-old gunman who calls himself a “Reichsburger”.

Media reports said officers returned fire and the man was slightly wounded and taken into custody.

He shot at officers in Georgensgmund, Bavaria, early this morning while police were searching for weapons. The other two were hit by flying glass. He suffered light injuries.

A shootout began in Georgensgmünd as security forces tried to confiscate weapons from the 49-year-old, reportedly a member of the “Reichsbürger” or “Citizens of the Reich” movement which rejects today’s German state and harks back to the 1930s. The group has been compared to the US sovereign citizen movement.

The Reich Citizens’ Movement, which is under surveillance by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, has been compared to the sovereign citizen movement in the United States.

They are mainly known for aggravating German authorities by pursuing obscure legal claims, not outright violence.

Joachim Herrmann vowed that “all possible preventive and repressive measures” would be taken to protect the community from most violent members of the movement, whose members believe the Third Reich continues to exist in modern Germany but within pre-WWII borders.

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