Crews battle wildfire that forced Utah ski town to evacuate

Crews battle wildfire that forced Utah ski town to evacuate

The Federal Aviation Administration issued flight restrictions around the fire Saturday for all but firefighting aircraft.

Because ski season is long since over, only the few dozen year-round residents of Brian Head were affected, though the posh ski resorts patronized during the winter were in danger of burning if firefighters were not able to stop the advancing flames. Authorities hoped to have it 10% contained by Sunday.

A 3-D map showing the approximate location of the Brian Head Fire as of 4:30 a.m. MDT June 18, 2017.Satellite photo showing smoke from the Brian Head Fire June 17, 2017.

The fire near Brian Head has destroyed one building and damaged another.

The fire shut down Highway 143 on the second lefthand Canyon Road to the junction of Highway 148 near Cedar Breaks National Monument.

At least two other fires are ongoing in Utah. On the ground, engines and crews are using roads and natural terrain features, such as meadows and ridges, to help contain the fire perimeter.

In New Mexico, fire crews mopped up a blaze sparked by an abandoned campfire in the scorching Southwest heat. “Someone’s carelessness with a campfire near Vallecitos de los Indios in the Jemez Mountains has not only put hundreds of firefighters at risk, but has disrupted people’s lives in nearby communities that were evacuated”.

The bill for fighting the fire topped $1.4 million in four days, and officials say the cost will keep rising.

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