A Federal Judge Blocked Donald Trump’s Executive Order Banning Refugees

A Federal Judge Blocked Donald Trump’s Executive Order Banning Refugees

Iran will ban Americans from entering the country after President Trump signed an executive order barring people from several Muslim-majority countries including Iran from traveling to the U.S., Reuters reported Saturday. Here’s what we know about the order, who it may impact and more.

Mr. Trump’s four-month ban on refugees from these predominantly Muslim nations was accompanied by an instruction to prioritize refugee claims made by religious minorities facing persecution, chiefly Christians whose communities have suffered greatly over many decades.

As he signed the orders, the president said: “We don’t want them here”.

The order put a four-month hold on allowing refugees into the USA and also extends to green card holders who are granted authorisation to live and work in the US.

In July, House Speaker Paul Ryan tweeted a statement saying he rejected then-candidate Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. Refugees from civil war-torn Syria were banned from entering the USA indefinitely.

Donald Trump’s ban on travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations could be just the beginning of a broader crackdown on Muslim immigration, Amnesty International has warned.

As of Saturday night (local time) US Customs and Border Protection had denied more than 170 people entry to the country.

Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, told The Independent: “This ban is shocking and appalling. We are going to help them”, the president said in an interview. “A preference should not be given to people who practice a particular religion, nor should a greater burden be imposed on people who practice a particular religion. We need to stand up for the values that we support, and that is why we call on our [UK] Government to do everything in its power to change this policy and to oppose it”.

However, Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the September 11th hijackers were from, is not on the list.

Didn’t Obama do something similar?

AM: New ban on USA travel for nationals of seven Middle Eastern countries has also put the airline industry in a quandary as flight crew from those states stand barred too from entering. But as Factcheck.org has explained, Obama’s delay was tied to a specific threat involving refugees living in Kentucky whose fingerprints were found on a detonation device in Iraq, resulting in tens of thousands of refugees in the US – and more who hadn’t yet entered the USA – to be rescreened and the screening process to be strengthened.

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