12-Year-Old Fla. Girl Last Seen 5 Days Ago

12-Year-Old Fla. Girl Last Seen 5 Days Ago

Two senior prosecutors who specialize in homicide have been assigned to the case of the 12-year-old Florida girl whose body was found in a creek days after she went missing. The body was found by men who were looking to go fishing. An autopsy was performed Tuesday, but results weren’t released.

Morgan believes Jones was moved away from the East Johnson Avenue after she disappeared.

Morgan said that she had last been in contact with a friend via Facebook on Wednesday afternoon but wasn’t heard from again. “We found her this afternoon”.

Family members are not now considered persons of interest in the case, he said, but there are persons of interest outside the family.

The FBI had 20-25 agents on the case, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement engaged its entire regional operation, numerous other local and regional agencies were assisting, including more than 200 community volunteers from all over the country, including tracking and cadaver dogs. “Was that the reason for her abduction and her untimely death?”

“I don’t care why, you killed one of my citizens, that’s all I care about”, Morgan said Monday.

“Know where your children are and know what your children are doing”, Morgan said. “Question what they are doing and who they are associating with”.

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