Prisma Photo App Available For Android Users Download Via Google Play Store

Prisma Photo App Available For Android Users Download Via Google Play Store

Prisma, the instant art filter app has become an instant hit with Android users within two days of the full fledged Android version of the app. Till now, it was only iOS users who could enjoy the benefit of the popular editing app.

The company will be coming up with more features such as inclusion of VR and 360 degree photos in the app, as reported by Forbes. Prisma Labs stated that the technology is ready but the company still needs to update its computing infrastructure in order to support this feature.

By now we’re sure many of you guys have heard of the Prisma app, an app that was initially released on iOS that allows users to turn photos into pseudo-paintings thanks to an effect. The application contains up to 30 filters that can be used in order to enhance pictures. Images are truly enhanced in an artistic way, as the style of filters resembles that of famous painters like Picasso or Monet. It instills the users with a sense of creativity as they can experiment and select from a range of filters and then swipe left or right to decrease or increase the intensity respectively after which one can share the picture directly into social media.

The app was spreading virally the IOs users. You can know directly get the app from the Play store.

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