Google in the classrooms

Google in the classrooms

It’s no secret that Google’s Chromebooks have seen the most success in the classroom, and have quickly become the de facto education computer in the U.S. thanks to their low cost and easy management.

Google is taking education seriously. Today, however, Google is launching a number of new tools that could further its presence in the classroom.

The Expeditions Pioneer Program, which launched last September, lets teachers guide students through virtual field trips using Google Cardboard. Google says that Expeditions will be available on iPhones and iPads soon. Instead of physically connecting to projectors with adapters, students and teachers will be able to cast wirelessly and effortlessly. If students want to share their screens with the class, they have to physically connect their devices to the classroom projector. Expeditions has already been used by over 1 million students, but by opening it up to a wider audience, Google hopes to make over 200 million “virtual field trips” available. Check out the Cast for Education video.

Finally, Google today launched a new Quizzes feature in Forms, which automatically grades multiple choice and checkbox questions, giving students real-time feedback about whether they understood the day’s concepts. These include a music and podcast making app called Soundtrap, a video project tool called WeVideo, and an interactive whiteboard called Explain Everything. Now, teachers can add review materials that helps students understand why their answers were wrong and can disable a setting that lets students send themselves a copy of their responses.

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