British woman ‘caged by father’ in Saudi Arabia for ‘kissing a guy’

British woman ‘caged by father’ in Saudi Arabia for ‘kissing a guy’

Welcoming senior diplomats from Britain, France and Italy to the discussion on the theme – Europe, UK, GCC and Brexit: Winners and losers, Arab News Editor In Chief Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi highlighted the importance of robust relationship between Britain, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states in various fields including trade.

“Her treatment has extended to depriving her of food and water, depriving her of toilet facilities, physical assault, and control of her ability to marry who she wishes and creating a situation in which she feels compelled to marry as a means of escape”, one of her lawyers said, per the Telegraph.

Lawyers representing Amina al-Jeffery have taken legal action in London in an attempt to protect her and have asked Mr Justice Holman to look at ways to help her.

She was moved to Jeddah by her father, Mohammed Al-Jeffery because he was not her with her un-Islamic behavior.

“I am unwilling to do this as I fear she will go back to her old destructive lifestyle”.

But Mr Justice Holman said: “No”. Her father reportedly disapproved of her behaviour when she lived in the UK. Barristers Henry Setright QC and Michael Gration are representing Miss Al-Jeffery and outlining concerns.

A father accused of imprisoning his daughter at their home in Saudi Arabia has failed in a bid to limit reporting of the case.

Neither Amina al-Jeffery nor her father, who is in his 60s, have been at the court hearing in London.

He has heard that Miss Al-Jeffery’s mother and siblings are back in South Wales.

Mr Scott-Manderson disputed this saying: “it’s not true that he shaved Amina, he says Amina did that because she wanted to be shaved”.

‘He is the head of a family that has its own moral and cultural standards’.

A “barrier or partition” had been put up at the property, which Miss Al-Jeffery had likened to a “cage”.

He added: “The central issue for me is, is she able to appeal to this country, of which she is a citizen, and say ‘help me”?’

She has been tortured by her father because she has been allegedly kissed a guy. The judge said the “right thing” might be to order that she was taken to the British Consulate in Jeddah.

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