Theres some BOUNCE in Vasek Pospisils step: DiManno

It’s Vasek Pospisil as you’ve never seen him before — with abundant blond curls and ’stache, for starters, kind of a cross between disco lounge lizard and 1970s porn star.Actually, as Canada’s No. 2 men’s tennis player discloses, a cross between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg: John Borg.Alter ego. Who knew?“John Borg is the man.”The trippy character who has been hiding beneath the all-Canadian tall-boy exterior, summoned to life as a guitar-playing dandy — there he was outside the All-England Tennis club at Wimbledon last summer, entertaining fans in the queue (“They didn’t have a clue who I was”) — is now starring in Pospisil’s new YouTube video concoction: BOUNCE.Article Continued BelowUn-reality TV, in that particular exposition. “First time John Borg has come out in the open,” Pospisil told the Star during a fly-through of the newsroom. He out-ed himself, so to speak, with the wig (Borg), the signature headband (McEnroe) and the egotistical personality (McEnroe again). “Not that I’m saying McEnroe has an ego.” Not that he ain’t saying it.What started out as a lark, with Pospisil’s older brother Tom shooting video of his sibling on tour, has morphed into a quasi-documentary venture the player hopes will become a YouTube thing, seized upon by his 59,000 Twitter followers and sprouting virally as a social media reality TV-ish hit. The guitar-strumming at least is genuine. “I have a passion for music.” He sings some too.Caricaturing aside, Pospisil’s intent is to bring the public inside the life of a tennis pro. “It’ll have tons of segments behind the scenes — the highs, the lows. Get my name out there a bit, show people what it’s really like. I’ve always considered myself a private person, quite reserved, but these videos aren’t going to be reserved. You’re going to see the real me.”

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