With three weeks until Election Day, Trump continues to attack Republicans

With three weeks until Election Day, Trump continues to attack Republicans

Donald Trump supporters in Wisconsin angrily shouted their disapproval of one of the leading members of the Republican Party yesterday (17 October).Advertisement

Alternatively, Ryan could have been quiet about Trump’s outrages as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has, or he could have become a Trump cheerleader the way Pence has. Logic would dictate abandoning him, and that’s what the party’s candidates did in droves after the video’s release. “I’m not saying I won’t vote for him”.
That’s a real shot at taking back Congress.
“It feels like folks have started to turn on Trump”, said Joe, a sales trader.
The money is being spent to protect Republican-represented districts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia.
More are coming, said Bryan Lesswing, a spokesman for the Democratic committee.
Despite Election Day being only three weeks away, Republican nominee Donald Trump continues to focus his efforts on attacking Republicans.
“Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency of the United States”, Trump said to raucous applause from a not-quite-capacity 3,200-person crowd at the KI Convention Center.
He cited the many issues facing Clinton, including her use of a private email server while Secretary of State, deleted emails, allegations of favoritism to donors to the Clinton Foundation and the recent revelation that a state department official had offered a “quid pro quo” to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to declassify a Clinton email. Fifty percent had a negative view. If Clinton’s margin is small, her victory won’t pull in enough Democrats to win control of the Senate and House. There’s an image of marching troops, then an “Out of Business” sign. “I’ve been very clear about that”, Toomey says in the ad.
So, the Democrats can thank Trump for keeping a Democrat in the saddle in the White House, now it has to do its part to put Democrats back in the saddle in the Senate, and especially the House. The TEA party is reminiscent of the anti-immigrant, right-wing Know-Nothing Party that was prominent just before the Civil War, that received most of its electoral support from the South, and that died when their candidate Millard Fillmore, whose main support came from the future Confederacy, lost decisively.
Illustrating the importance of the House races, the Congressional Leadership Fund, associated with Republican House leaders, announced Friday that it is pumping $10 million into key races. It has a Republican-controlled state House and Democratic-controlled state Senate. It’s not simply a matter of whether the GOP is the party of Donald Trump or the party of Paul Ryan.
Katko, for instance, has said he does not endorse either candidate.
Of those, Gov. Scott Walker, U.S. Sen.
But I found nearly as many Trump supporters.
In the past week, Trump’s campaign has been hit by allegations the NY billionaire sexually accosted several women over the past three decades.
“Is this our next president?” the narrator asks.
Still, Ryan and House Republicans remain out on a limb, pushing a so-called strategy for “winning” the House and Senate that seems to include dispiriting Republicans and doesn’t include presidential ballot voters.

Many of those abandoning Trump over the recording are college educated, white Republicans – particularly women. Like Virginia, Georgia is also home to well-educated young professionals more likely to favour Clinton, said Chris Jankowski, a Virginia-based national GOP consultant. They are conservative, and have voted GOP, but the GOP presidential candidate they backed was a traditional GOP candidate such as John McCain or Mitt Romney, not a race baiting, polarizing Trump. There are five bullet points on their economic agenda-infrastructure, job training, student debt relief, gender pay equity, and Social Security expansion-four of which they propose to address with draft bills that have varying degrees of support within the Democratic caucus.

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