Google Flights now warns you when plane fares will increase

Google Flights now warns you when plane fares will increase

This includes things like recommendations for alternate airports or dates.Advertisement

Do you use Google to search for flight or hotel prices?
Over the coming weeks, Google Flights also will be rolling out email notifications for airfare price drops or increases for tracked flights and routes.
You’ll now see a card pop up which shows you how much the price of a flight is supposed to increase, and in how many days.
If you’re looking at certain flights from NY to San Diego but didn’t find the particular plane, don’t worry you can see a notification bar with multiple tips which shows how to choose the best price for this route. Well, Google Flights smartphone application is announced to get a new update that will basically send notifications whether there is a fluctuation in the flight ticket price.
Google Flights just added a huge feature to save you stress and money.
The data is based on historical price increases – and users will get a warning if a flight on a particular route is likely to rise.
If you find a flight you like, then hit the “save this itinerary” button and let the Google Now app track its pricing.
Nabil Naghdy, Product Manager, Google Flights in a statement said, “We’re also making it easier to find flights on the go”.
In years past Google has made a point to roll out some enhancements to their services in connection with the holiday travel season and this year appears to be no different. You will get an alert of any possible upward change in price of a flight ticket for specific destinations.

Google Flight Search will essentially provide you with tips to help you book your tickets. It lets you do cool stuff like sift through an airline’s fluctuating prices or even look for a cheap destination, when you just gotta have a holiday. It’ll now allow you to filter out hotels based on whether they are offering a deal during your travel dates. Google can also so notify you when there are savings for a certain hotel’s loyalty members.

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