Who is the mystery artist building makeshift shrines at Leslie Spit?

Large pillars made of discarded concrete slabs towered above three young people forming a semicircle around loudspeakers blaring hip-hop.While impressive, it wasn’t what we were looking for. It took more than an hour of riding through tall grass, prickly plants and unkempt roads by bicycle last week to find the bizarre-looking structures at the Leslie Spit. A video circulated on social media earlier in the day, depicting a large villa-like formation made of heavy cinder blocks and bricks, complete with porches, benches and walkways leading down to the lake. The young people were suspicious when first approached but became enthusiastic when the Star explained its mission to find that formation and the person behind it. “His name is Robert,” said Ben Walters, who said he saw the builder multiple times this year, but didn’t know his last name. “He’s an older guy, white dude, said he worked construction. Oddball would be the first adjective that comes to mind. He’s the legend of the Spit.”Article Continued BelowWalters, 20, helped locate the sought-after site, flashing pictures on his phone of Robert and his creations along the way. Passersby believe this man, who they know as Robert, has been building elaborate structures at the Leslie Spit.“It was massive, it was beautiful, unbelievable,” he said. “There was a central column made of cinder blocks, almost like a sharp cone. Around it were curvy walls made of bricks.”Similar, but smaller, shrines at the Spit were first reported in the Star in 2010 but nobody back then knew who put them up either.

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