House of Commons report on Indigenous suicide issues 28 recommendations

OTTAWA—A House of Commons committee looking at the issue of Indigenous suicide is urging the federal government to make sure Indigenous communities have resources available after hours and on weekends — often when emergencies occur.The report released Monday included a total of 28 recommendations — work that flowed from a 2016 motion to examine and report on suicide among Indigenous people and communities across the country.During its study, the committee heard from over 50 Indigenous youth representatives, First Nations, Inuit and Métis leaders, academics and health organizations.MPs on the committee say the witnesses — including many young people — shared difficult personal stories of suicide, while also expressing hope that mental health issues within Indigenous communities could be addressed.Read more:Article Continued BelowMother of missing Indigenous teen carries on as inquiry begins family hearingsWapekeka First Nation mourns suicide of third 12-year-old girl this yearCathy McLeod, a B.C. MP and the Conservative Indigenous affairs critic, said the committee needed to put its differences aside and come up with a unanimous report after hearing “disturbing” testimony.

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