‘It’s awesome, man!’: Thrift shop find gives Calgary musician a fresh start

‘It’s awesome, man!’:  Thrift shop find gives Calgary musician a fresh start

Darryl Minsky wasn’t looking for anything special when he walked into a Calgary Goodwill store six years ago, but a surprise discovery turned out to be instrumental in changing his life.“My wife goes, ‘Hey, look at that,’ and there was this beautiful autoharp,” Minsky said. “A mere 75 dollars and I scooped it up. And my life’s been different ever since.”Minsky has played guitar for 40 years, but said, “The autoharp was brand new and fresh, and a great challenge. I just rediscovered more joy in music.”At the time of the purchase, in 2011, Minsky was looking for a change.“I used to be a computer consultant, and I’d be sitting in front of computers all day long writing code, until I burnt myself out.”As he mastered the autoharp, Minsky gradually shifted to doing part-time computer consulting, and spending more time with his new instrument.“I go busking once or twice a week,” Minsky said. “Even if I don’t make a dime from doing it, it just feels so good.”For him, the autoharp is a hidden treasure.“It’s changed everything. It’s awesome, man!”

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