Teen killed in McKnight rollover mourned; father and friend cling to life

Teen killed in McKnight rollover mourned; father and friend cling to life

Family, friends and schoolmates are mourning the loss of a 17-year-old girl, while her father and friend continue to fight for their lives in hospital.Police suggest speed and alcohol were factors in the deadly crash that happened on McKnight Boulevard approaching 68 Street N.E. Tuesday at around 4:45 p.m.All three victims were thrown from the vehicle.

Emergency crews were called to McKnight Boulevard between 52 and 68th Streets Northeast for a serious collision Tuesday around 5 p.m.

Tracy Nagai, Global News

READ MORE: Witnesses spring to action in deadly McKnight Boulevard crash Meghan Bomford, a Grade 12 student at Crescent Heights High School, had been sitting in the front passenger seat. She was taken to hospital but died of her injuries.Kelsey Nelson, a friend of Bomford’s, is also a student at Crescent Heights. She was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition, where she remains.

Kelsey Nelson is believed to have been sitting in the back seat of the SUV that rolled on McKnight Boulevard Tuesday.


 Bomford’s father, Shaun Bomford, believed to be the driver, also remains in critical condition.

Shaun Bomford was the man driving the SUV that crashed on McKnight Boulevard Tuesday afternoon.


Meghan’s mother, Lisa Bomford, issued the following statement to Global News Wednesday: Story continues below


Speed and alcohol factors in deadly McKnight Boulevard crash: Calgary police

“Our beloved Meghan was tragically taken from our lives at too young of an age. With so much ahead of her, we are all grieving that we will no longer get to share graduation, birthdays, weddings and other things she was looking forward to. She was such a feisty, gorgeous and loving girl who has a love for all things ringette. Kelsey and her were on their way to get their police checks to become junior ringette coaches and now one has been taken and the other sweet girl, Kelsey, is fighting for her life.”“Please remember my daughter for the amazing person she was, which you can see all around, rather than focusing on the tragic circumstances of this accident.”A friend of the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help Meghan’s mother with funeral arrangements and other costs.In a letter home to parents of students at Crescent Heights Wednesday, Principal Jackie Chapman-Brown said: “In consultation with the Calgary Board of Education Critical Incident Response Team, this sad information was shared with all students in our school community at 9:05 a.m.  Students were provided guidance and given an opportunity to discuss the loss and share their thoughts, feelings and reactions.”Chapman-Brown also said the school has organized a tribute to Meghan’s memory within the school and would be offering an opportunity for students to send best wishes to Nelson in the coming days.
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