Southwest Airlines Flight Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Survivor

Southwest Airlines Flight Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Survivor

“You’re scared, ya know”.Advertisement

At age 70, she now spends her life advocating for breast cancer awareness and is now a certified fitter for bras and prosthesis post-mastectomy.
Almost every breast cancer journey goes through the surgeon’s office. She found out she had an aggressive form of stage-four breast cancer. With almost 30 events taking place across Canada throughout October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and November, BRA Day 2016 is poised to educate and inform more women than ever before about their post-mastectomy reconstruction options. This is true, but it is also misleading because you are not the “average” woman.
Those services break down to 21,240 people being educated about cancer and breast health, 85 free diagnostic tests, 28 free mammograms, and 1,190 trips to mammogram appointments and education events, according to the organization.
Continued advances in cancer surgical procedures have limited numerous potential complications, according to Dr. Bradley Mudge, with the Evangelical Community Hospital.
“I was driving down Rodney Parham earlier, and this lady turned around and just got a big smile on her face”, said Pritchett.
In 2016, Spell said, an estimated 246,660 new cases of breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the US, and an estimated 40,450 people will die from this disease.
Smith is now passionate about raising awareness of male breast cancer for his sons and other men. “I can speak as an advocate for other breast cancer survivors”. Not all breast cancers are created equal.
But there are other numbers that show a much more encouraging trend. In most cases, the two breast compressions necessary for an accurate mammogram will be a little uncomfortable but they should not be painful.
The incidence rate is even higher in Washington state, she said, but the state also has a higher cure rate. This is critical to determine which stage of cancer is present. Cancer can spread through the blood stream and through lymph nodes. “I’d feel sensations in that area and it take me a moment or two each time to realize it was different – the breasts really weren’t there”. In spite of confusion around new guidelines, standard 2D screenings are still completely covered by almost all insurance plans, and 3D mammograms are 100 percent covered by Medicare and select major providers.
Since the age of 35, she has had an annual mammogram, and it was that yearly checkup that caught her cancer early. If the breast cancer involves the nipple or is too close to the skin, the skin needs to be removed as well.
If one has a family history, the risk will be higher (but this does not mean that the development of breast cancer is a certainty). Post-menopausal women produce less hormones, and therefore less fertilizer.
FACT: Not all breast cancers are treated the same way. You either had it or you didn’t, and there were few differences. Breast cancer treatment is no longer one size fits all.

Outlooks for survial are more pessimistic in stages III and IV. How lucky are you feeling? The results of breast reconstruction are better than they were ten years ago.

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