Super Singh's star Diljit Dosanjh says its like Dark Knight but cheaper

Super Singh's star Diljit Dosanjh says its like Dark Knight  but cheaper

Any baptized Sikh could be considered a superhero, in a manner of speaking. Although it goes against the whole secret-identity bit, an observant Sikh is meant to be visible in a crowd so that anyone in need can ask for assistance. A Sikh superhero movie called Super Singh makes total sense, then, and who better to play the lead than popular Punjabi singer-turned-actor Diljit Dosanjh.Super Singh, which opened Friday in the GTA and debuted at No. 1 last weekend at the Indian box office, is billed as Punjabi cinema’s first superhero film and is partially set in Canada. It’s about a Montrealer from Punjab whose life changes after he gets superhuman abilities, but unlike in, say, Batman V. Superman, viewers are told to expect romance . . . and fun. In one scene, a Punjabi lady gets mugged on her way out of the grocery story and Super Singh shows up. “She asks him, ‘Who are you?’ And he says, ‘You are my auntie, why would anyone else get you?’” said Dosanjh, in town last month for the Toronto leg of his Dream Tour concerts, after performing in Abbotsford, Edmonton and Winnipeg. “There’s Dark Knight. Man of Steel. Deadpool. We should have a Punjabi superhero too.”Article Continued BelowAn avid fan of Hollywood superhero films as well as Nagraj and Doga (comic books by Indian publisher Raj Comics), Dosanjh — who’s known for lounging around in hockey jerseys and, during his visit, was presented with a Maple Leafs version emblazoned with “Super Singh 1984” — couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play Super Singh. He credits social media with the idea. After the release of his third movie, Jatt and Juliet, which was set in Vancouver, “a troll created an image of my head pasted on top of Superman’s body,” said Dosanjh, speaking in Punjabi. “Everybody was laughing. I decided that day: Laugh as much as you want, I will become a superhero one day.”Instead of the Hollywood format, Super Singh follows the Bollywood tradition of passing through all genres; comedy, action, drama and romance are all in the mix, with Sonam Bajwa playing the love interest.

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