Casper Smart Cheated Jennifer Lopez Again?;She Kicked Him Out — Jennifer -Casper Updates

Casper Smart Cheated Jennifer Lopez Again?;She Kicked Him Out — Jennifer -Casper Updates

The break-up between Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart was surfaced in August.

“He says he’s changed and that he is a new man but recently, on a video shoot for Wisin in Mexico, he was posting videos with bikini-clad dancers and not acting like a guy trying to remedy old habits”, the source continued.

The publication reports that the couple who broke up in August, had split because smart wanted to attend a UFC fight in Las Vegas while she wanted him to accompany her to a party in the Hamptons.

According to a source, Smart has been trying to get his ex-girlfriend back after realising the seriousness of his actions.

According to the source, “She kicked him out because he cheated on her and he got caught”. Everybody knew that Casper was and is still shady, and the only real secret was “why did Jennifer stick with Casper for so many years?” Two months ago, roughly around the reported time of the breakup, he let his followers know he updated his choreography reel. He was kicked to the curb not because he did not attend a party with J. Lo but because he was caught having parties of his own. He also recently posted a new leg tattoo that says one should embrace the darkness to see the light.

A rep for Smart told People magazine that he served as a creative director for Wisin’s new music video that was shot in Mexico this past week, adding that it was “strictly work, nothing personal”.

Casper, who was J.Lo’s backup dancer when they started dating quietly in 2011, went public with the romance a year later.

Jennifer Lopez is a strong, successful woman and a mother of twins (she shares 8-year-old twins Emme Maribel and Maximilian David with ex-husband Marc Anthony) and we’re pretty sure she has no time in her life for drama.

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