Calum Best Nude Video: 'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Hit With Release Of Explicit Video

Calum Best Nude Video: 'Celebrity Big Brother' Star Hit With Release Of Explicit Video

Calum Best is dealing with a nude video scandal, with a 9-minute video of the Celebrity Big Brother contestant allegedly spreading online. The video leaked sometime this week and allegedly shows the reality television star star alone and showing off his naked body for someone on the other end of a video call, the Daily Star reported. There’s many details missing, but the video has gone viral online and gotten the attention of international media outlets. Ironically, Calum Best’s nude video leaked just as he was defending his dating habits while competing on the reality show. During an argument with housemate Coleen Nolan, the serial dater stuck up for his dating habits. But Best also embraced his image, the Daily Star noted. “I’ve been told I’m eye-candy, and do you know what? So be it,” he said. “Some people think I have a reputation of a ladies man. The reality is this. I am single, I am a red blooded male and I enjoy women’s company.” The circumstances of Calum Best’s nude video aren’t entirely clear yet. The reports gave no indication of when it was filmed or whether Best consented to it being shared. It’s also unknown from the video who he is intending to see the racy images, the report added. This is actually the second racy video scandal to strike a Celebrity Big Brother contestant in the past few days. Just as the show started, American actress and model Jasmine Waltz was seen in a sex tape that somehow leaked to the internet. Again it was the Daily Star providing details of the video, which sounded strikingly similar to Best’s solo video. “Showing off her toned bod, the brunette bombshell can be seen in fishnet stockings, suspender belt, and basque. She engages in a string of suggestive poses that will definitely raise some blushes. “This is before stripping naked. Of course.” And like Best, Waltz has a reputation of being something of a loose cannon. When she first appeared on Celebrity Big Brother house in 2014, Waltz was famous for getting drunk and flashing the camera, and later getting “frisky” with rapper Dappy, the Daily Star noted. Waltz came back with a much different look, dropping weight from her already small frame and sporting what many believe to be plastic surgery. In an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother‘s sister show Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Katie Price called out Waltz’s new look. “Is it Jasmine the real one?” Katie said (via Digital Spy). “It looks like a plastic one! More plastic than me! She’s beautiful but she’s definitely had stuff done.” [Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images] And this year’s show features what could be the most famous sex tape participant in recent memory. Singer Ray J, who was famous for appearing in a sex tape with Kim Kardashian during their brief romance, has appeared on the show and made reference to the video. It was that tape that helped Kardashian become a household name, and ultimately enabled her to start a lucrative reality television career. There is plenty of fan interest in Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother, so it’s not clear what impact the release of the explicit video could have on his chances of winning — especially when fan voting comes into play often on the show. What day is it? Day 4 of @bbuk — Calum Best Official (@CalumBest) January 7, 2017 It’s also not yet clear how the nude video of Calum Best hit the internet, and his response is not yet known. It’s also not reported if there could be any investigation to see if there were any illegal actions in the video’s release. [Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]


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