18 iconic Canadian ingredients and produce from maple syrup to whisky

18 iconic Canadian ingredients and produce from maple syrup to whisky

Maple syrup, whisky, B.C. salmon, and a bounty of fresh fruit and seafood. Canadians are spoiled with a cornucopia of delicious ingredients and produce coming from coast to coast.“Canada is very bountiful, look around the country and you’ll see something growing from fruits and vegetables to grain, wheat, lentils and beans,” Rose Murray, a Canadian chef and author of A-Z Vegetable Cookbook, told Global News.“We use more wild foods than any other cuisine on earth. It’s seasonal, it’s regional, and we tend to put our ingredients forward, like Alberta beef, B.C. salmon, Pemberton chicken – we like our ingredients to dominate the plate,” Lenore Newman, a B.C.-based professor and author of cookbook, A Canadian Culinary Journey.READ MORE: 18 delicious, classically Canadian dishes from coast to coastMurray, Newman and Derek Dammann, a Montreal-based chef and author of the cookbook True North, list their top picks for iconic Canadian ingredients and produce.(Infographic by James Waters and Neil Sangani/Global News)carmen.chai@globalnews.ca
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