John McCallum says plan for 450,000 new immigrants a year too ambitious

John McCallum says plan for 450,000 new immigrants a year too ambitious

OTTAWA – Immigration Minister John McCallum is acknowledging the advice of a high-powered group of external advisers that recommends a dramatic increase in Canada’s immigration levels to stimulate economic growth.READ MORE: Immigration Minister John McCallum to revamp Temporary Foreign Workers program Story continues below

But McCallum suggests the recommendation — a 50 per cent increase in targets to 450,000 people a year, targeting skilled, entrepreneurial newcomers — might be too ambitious.He says to meet the target suggested by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth would be a costly endeavour and might not find support across the country.He says discussions are continuing and the government will announce immigration targets for 2017 next month.READ MORE: Conservatives accuse John McCallum of hiding staffer’s relocation costs from ThailandThe 14-member panel, chaired by Dominic Barton of the firm McKinsey and Co., is to deliver a set of recommendations to Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Thursday.The group is trying to come up with ways for the government to boost growth beyond the forecasted two-per cent annual level.

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