Canada Prime Minister Trudeau Embarks on Key China Visit

Canada Prime Minister Trudeau Embarks on Key China Visit

More likely, said Asia Pacific Foundation CEO Stewart Beck, is that Trudeau will announce that his government will review and refresh the Canada-China Economic Complementarities Study, which the former Stephen Harper government released in 2012.

Trudeau says he wants to be able to discuss access to the growing middle-class market for Canadian goods and services in China, all the while pushing its leadership to do better on human rights, democracy and governance. Historically, Luo acknowledged China has had warmer connections with Canada’s Liberal-led governments. China is demanding that Canada reduce the amount of organic waste materials in Canola seed shipments, also known as “dockage”.

Starting on Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau will launch his first official visit to China as Prime Minister, accompanied by his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and their daughter, Ella-Grace.

But one sticking point has already been addressed – that of human rights.

China effectively halted imports of US corn and corn products for more than a year beginning in late 2013 as the country rejected shipments of an unapproved biotech variety.

“Possibly China would be a candidate for trade negotiations, but I think it would probably come a little down the queue”, he said.

The subject of human rights remains sensitve: Wang provoked outrage in Canada after lashing out at a journalist for asking about the country’s human rights record.

Trudeau’s visit is scheduled to include meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, who is scheduled to pay a visit to Canada sometime in late September.

“Within a very short time the two countries (will) exchange high-level visits – that’s quite unusual and it really shows. we attach great importance for these bilateral relations”. Canada’s future prosperity in increasingly tied to China, the world’s second-largest economy, a senior government official said last week.

Officials say they also need to take into account Canadians’ hesitation about closer links with China.

But as Trudeau tries to create a fresh tone with China, he will have to navigate several ongoing irritants.

Trudeau has also indicated he will once again raise the issue of jailed Canadian Kevin Garratt, who was arrested in China two years ago for espionage.

Forty-three years after his father’s historic footstep, Trudeau will visit a very different China, whose economic progress has lifted millions of people out of poverty and reforms have made it the second-largest economy in the world.

“Canada will not open negotiations when a key export has been stopped”, said Gordon Houlden, director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta.

Balancing such issues is sure to complicate Trudeau’s goal of making inroads.

Canada’s biggest canola exporters, Richardson International and Glencore Plc-owned Viterra Inc GLEN.L [VILC.UL], however, are balking at China’s new standard.

China is Canada’s second-largest trading partner after the United States, with US$85 billion in trade a year ago. For starters, the prospect of a ban on canola imports from Canada is threatening to overshadow the trip.

Mulroney said the prime minister would have to sell Canadians on the importance of engaging with the Chinese while reassuring a skeptical public that Canada would push back on issues such as human rights, cybersecurity, and intellectual property.

Weibo is like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook and is one of the most popular sites in China.

“We’ve got 70% of China’s investment in Canada just in this province concentrated in the energey sector”.

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