Canada Post, union continue to talk as midnight deadline looms

Canada Post, union continue to talk as midnight deadline looms

It said that if there was no deal by midnight Sunday, it would begin job action on Monday by having its members refuse to work overtime on a rotating basis, starting in Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

“So we really felt it was time for the prime minister to get involved”.

Both eBay and Etsy have said they will protect sellers in the event of a mail disruption in Canada. The previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper had legislated in 2011 to end the labor dispute at Canada Post, justifying its intervention by the damage to the Canadian economy.

Those include overtime, pay equity for rural letter carriers, many of whom are female, and proposed changes to Canada Post’s pension plan for future employees.

Talks continued over the weekend with the aid of a special mediator and threatened job action by the union’s 51,000 members was halted today under a 24-hour extension aimed at reaching a last-minute agreement.

“As requested by the mediators, the parties have agreed to extend the 72-hour notice under Section 87.2 of the Canada Labour Code for 24 hours”.

Meanwhile on Monday, MaryAnn Mihychuk, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, welcomed CUPW’s extended notice of job action.

Hamilton said Canada Post has been maintaining those benefits despite the fact the collective agreement that promised them expired at the beginning of the year. “We’ll still be delivering mail every day”, according to Mike Palecek, national president of the CUPW.

Canada Post wasn’t immediately available for comment on Sunday.

The union wants to assure the overtime ban won’t affect their mail delivery.

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