Auto bomb kills five soldiers outside presidential palace

Auto bomb kills five soldiers outside presidential palace

At least five people were killed on Tuesday in Somalia, when jihadists detonated a suicide vehicle bomb outside a popular hotel close to the presidential palace in the capital Mogadishu.

“We have confirmed five people killed including security guards”, police officer Mohamed Abdulkadir said, adding that 10 others were wounded.

This attack comes just one week after al-Shabaab militants attacked a restaurant in the capital, killing 10 people.

The SYL and another hospitality facility, both located near the Presidential Palace, were partially destroyed by the blast, Major Mohamed Ali, a police officer, told Reuters.

“The blast was very huge but thanks to God the number of casualties is less than the devastation suggests”.

A witness near the site of the explosion described seeing a huge blast.

An AFP journalist at the scene described widespread damage to buildings in the area.

A suicide auto bomb exploded close to the Somali president’s residence in Mogadishu Tuesday, partially destroying nearby hotels, police told Reuters.

Ten people were killed and a government minister was injured when the Islamist terror group al-Shabaab set off a truck bomb outside the Presidential Palace in Somalia’s chaotic capital Mogadishu today.

Somalia’s Islamic extremist group al-Shabab has claimed the responsibility for the blast, according to the rebels’ Andalus radio station. Two weeks before that, extremist gunmen killed 15, including two members of parliament, at the Ambassador hotel.

The group is expected to try and violently disrupt elections due to be held in September and October.

In this attack, not less than seven people had lost their lives along with two assailants, as said by a police official on Friday.

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