Apple’s New MacBook Pro Expected To Launch This Month

Apple’s New MacBook Pro Expected To Launch This Month

Apple’s next fall event will be on October 27, according to a new report from Recode, during which Apple is widely expected to unveil the next generation of the MacBook Pro.

The report, however, claims that it will be a different story for the MacBook Air, with the company to discontinue the 11-inch model of the laptop once the new MacBook Pros have been unveiled.

Citing a “reliable Chinese supplier”, it goes on to say the new MacBook Pros will drop the traditional USB ports for the newer, and much less widespread, USB-C ports.

Apple will ditch the 11-inch MacBook, in favour of a 13-inch device.

Information from the document highlighted by Macotakara: the next MacBook Pro should provide that port USB Type-C. Likewise, all signs point toward users rightly anticipating a large design update, which may include a touch strip replacing the function keys on the MacBook Pro similar to what Lenovo did with its Carbon X1. Apple will instead be focusing on the 13-inch MacBook Air. The new version will also reportedly feature USB-C support and Thunderbolt 3.

For a long time, there have been rumors that Apple would refresh its Mac line in October.

Lastly, Apple replenished its Thunderbolt Display on June 23, and it was reported that Apple is working on a new display.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It might debut on the same day as the MacBook Pro.

Stay tuned as we keep you posted with the latest speculation in the build-up to Apple’s upcoming October event.

At the moment, Apple Inc. remains mum about the plans in unveiling the MacBook Air 2016 product.

The release of the MacBook Air 2016 remains a possibility, according to recent reports. Apple is said to do away with the USB-A ports and the MagSafe connector.

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