COMMENTARY: Bullfighting is a blood sport, a killing field for entertainment

COMMENTARY: Bullfighting is a blood sport, a killing field for entertainment

I know there is great history behind bullfighting, but I think it’s time to stop.The latest person to die in this senseless so-called sport is a Spanish matador by the name of Ivan Fandino.He died Saturday in France after getting caught in his cloak and being gored in the chest, suffering a punctured lung and becoming the second matador to be killed in the past 12 months.Victor Barrio, 29, died in July of last year.

Hundreds attend funeral for matador killed by fatal gore

Fandino was just 36 years old and is survived by a wife and daughter.The five-year-old bull was seriously injured and had to be put down as well.WARNING: The video below of Ivan Fandino being gored is graphic in nature.The Humane Society International has again called for an end to bullfighting, saying, “For the 1,000 bulls brutally killed in French bullfights every year, every single fight is a tragedy in which they have no chance of escaping a protracted and painful death.”Make no mistake, bullfighting is a blood sport — a killing field for entertainment.Again, I understand the deep and treasured history that it has, especially in Spain.But we’re cheering on a person to kill an animal — all in the name of sport and entertainment?Would you go to a dog fighting event?It’s time to stop.

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