Commentary: HBO hacked? Isn’t everybody guilty?

Commentary: HBO hacked? Isn’t everybody guilty?

HBO has been hacked!!Is anybody surprised?

HBO victim of ‘huge’ cyber hack

HBO is reporting content has been stolen regarding upcoming shows, including ‘Game of Thrones’.For as long as there has been cable TV (TV you somehow pay for) someone has tried to hack into it.Remember when cable came into our homes in the early 70’s? The first thing we learned, after the new channels, was how to splice it up to other rooms without paying.The local Radio Shack was a big help.Then came satellite dishes as big as a garden shed and you could scoop anything you wanted, for a while.Followed by smaller legal dishes, where there was always a way around local regulations and payments for those willing to investigate.The internet has changed the game yet again.The technology has progressed, but the crime largely remains the same.People still want free TV.The only difference is, time has allowed techies to not only steal the content, but hold it for ransom.In the end everyone wants it bigger and better and, if not free, as cheap as possible.And that will never change.

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